Fell for fall

One thing I fell in love with after moving to the mainland (what people from Hawaii call the States), was the season of fall. I love driving and seeing the sea of trees and all of their different colors. Everything just seems so magical, the scenery is beautiful and the weather is chilly but not too cold – perfect for trying new outfits and looking cute.


I also love making a trip to the local pumpkin patch. Since I’m living in Indy now, we adventured out to Anderson Orchard (same place we went apple picking) in search for our great pumpkin.

image (1)

We didn’t realize how quickly Halloween was sneaking up on us, so the pumpkin patch was a little scarce.

image (3)

It was still a great time and we found our great pumpkins. Then we got to carve our first pumpkins together and it was a lot of fun. Andrew’s is the one with horns (I call them ears) and we creatively came up making them after he messed up carving. I think they both came out so cute.

image (4)  image (2)

Happy Halloween,

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