Hello, from the otherside

To say that a lot has happened lately would be the biggest understatement of 2017 and 2018 combined. Before updating you on my ~life~ if any of you even care, I wanted to talk about the importance of self-care because I recently realized how much of a difference it makes.

First, I started this routine by making sure that the boyfriend and I each have time, at least 30 minutes, to totally decompress from work each day. It’s not that we hate our jobs, it’s just the we both wear a lot of different hats at our jobs which can sometimes be stressful, and that it sometimes requires us to actively focus on not thinking about work while we’re at home.

Next, said boyfriend travels quite a bit for work and during our first year this used to drive me insane and bring out the needy brat in me. Now, I find it somewhat refreshing. With that being said, here are some ways that I take care of myself throughout all the craziness in life:

  1. Turn off my cell phone — or at least put it on Airplane Mode. This used to make me anxious af – millennial drama, I know – but now I see how important it is to completely unplug from life, especially social media.
  2. Bend + Flow. I’m super out of shape so I recently started working out again – specifically getting back into the groove of going to yoga at least twice a week. THIS right here, MAKING time to center myself is so crucial to my sanity.
  3. Get outside. Now that I live in Seattle (update), it’s a lot colder but it’s still so important for me to get outside and go for a walk, even if it’s just 5 mins. This is a great time for me to take some deep breaths and appreciate all the beauty around me.
  4. Read scripture. Whether it’s my daily devotions or flipping open my bible, I am most at peace when I am accepting God’s peace. I know that when I’m in the heat of the moment, I can seriously lose my shit but I’ve really been working on praying and being in constant conversation with Jesus
  5. Girls Day/Night. The other week, I went and painted pottery with two girlfriends from work and boy, was it therapeutic. Not only did it feel great to get my creative juices flowing again, it was fun having girl talk and stepping away from the grind for a bit.
  6. Write. I’ve seriously been neglecting the writer in me — hence, no blog posts as of late. I’m going through a transition where I don’t want to publicize my life as much as I used to so I’m now journaling a lot more instead of posting. That alone, helps me a lot. Whether I’m writing down my goals and dreams, or reorganizing my daily life, or just writing down my prayers, I learned that writing is another way to take care of myself.

I’m going to try and get back into blogging, because let’s face it, I’m never gonna stop writing. So hello, this is me, from the otherside (of 2017?). I’ll write more, soon.



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